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DOLLY LOOGATHA | 'Dog Story' | Painting

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 “On Bentinck Island there is a Dog Story Place. This dog came from Mornington Island, Elder Amy Loogatha says, "It’s that same dingo that came from mainland and went to all the islands". The place that the dog stayed at is called Bilmee, here you find special love rocks that you can rub and call out the one you want to marry. It is claimed that you marry for life.” - Dolly Loogatha 

Artist Bio:

"I was only a small child when our people were brought to Mornington Island and forced to live in the mission. I grew up in the dormitory like all the other children. My father King Alfred was killed when I was only a baby, so I was really grown up by the missionaries. It was hard, they were cruel to us if we were naughty and would lock us up or cut our hair short. As I grew into a young woman I went and worked on lots of cattle stations around Cloncurry and ended up moving to Darwin where I had a partner and lived there for 30 years away from Mornington Island and Bentick Island.

I only came back in 2008 so that I could be with my family and live back on Bentick Island. When old May died the other Bentick artists asked me to come and join their group and paint at the Art Centre. I had done a little bit of painting in Darwin on small canvas boards more for fun than anything else. I really like to go to the Art Centre and paint with old Aunty Sally and my other sisters. We have so much fun. I paint Thundi where I was born and Makarrki where my father was born. It makes me feel good and proud when I see the finished painting." Dolly Loogatha

Details: DOLLY LOOGATHA, 'Dog Story', 2021, Acrylic on Arches paper,  57.5 x 76.5 cm