AMY LOOGATHA | ‘My Country I’ | Painting / acrylic on Belgian linen

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"My Country is behind Ninyilki, this is where I was born on a saltpan under the ti-trees. You can see Sweers Island from here. My Father, King Alfred, was dragging grass across the sea with his other wives, to catch fish. He didn't know I was coming. It was my Aunty who ran to let my Father know. My Grandmother delivered me, she was the one that cut my cord with a special shell. They thought I would be a boy because I was so big in my Mother's tummy. My Father put me in a coolamon and carried me all the way to Oak Tree Point, a better place to camp. It was a long way to walk all that way carrying me" - Amy Loogatha


AMY LOOGATHA | ‘My Country I’ | 2018 | Acrylic on Belgian linen | 40 x 50 cm