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MISA.CO | 'Ceramic Stud Earrings' | Sharp | Scarlet / brass and stainless steel

MISA.CO | 'Ceramic Stud Earrings' | Sharp | Scarlet / brass and stainless steel

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Born and raised in Australia by Japanese parents, Artist Misako Kido has created many different ranges of ceramic works since studying ceramics in 2017. From jewellery to tableware, plant pots/vases, and sculptural work. Kido has been living in Japan since graduating from high school but after a recent return to Cairns, plans to base her company in both Japan and Australia.

“I use different clays, firing methods, and building techniques to produce my work. All my glazes are handmade, and the crystalline glaze I use for most of my work is made from an original recipe. Lichens and moss plants have been my motif in recent work. These gentle and silent little natures are so beautiful and fascinating to me. The way they grow and habitat, the colours, textures, and patterns they create have been an inspiration to my work.” - Misako Kido

MISA.CO | 'Ceramic Stud Earrings' | Black / brass stainless



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