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Michelle Yeatman

MICHELLE YEATMAN | 'Ceramic Coil Vessel' | Assorted colours

MICHELLE YEATMAN | 'Ceramic Coil Vessel' | Assorted colours

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Michelle Yeatman was born and raised in the Yarrabah community. She commenced employment at the Yarrabah pottery studio in 1982 as an apprentice mixing raw clay, waxing, and glazing pottery and becoming gradually involved in all the tasks involved in running a successful workshop/studio. Beginning as a wheel thrower making smaller pieces for retail outlets, Michelle discovered her real love was hand-building pots as she enjoys working with her hands creating individual works of art. Not only has Michelle mastered the art of both wheel throwing and hand-building pottery she is also an excellent painter and her own particular style of applying various designs to the ware she produces has distinguished her in the field of ceramics.

MICHELLE YEATMAN | 'Ceramic Coil Vessel' | Assorted Colours


Dimensions:12cm H x 13cm D x 13cm W

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