MARIA WARE | 'Noni Fruit Leaf' | Etching

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Maria Ware

Born: 1952

Community: St Pauls, QLD

Maria Ware lives in St Pauls Community on Mua Island and has been an artist at Moa Arts since the beginning. Maria has been making art since high school and was taught how to weave by her mother and her aunties. She is famous for her ghost net weaving and is also a highly accomplished printmaker. She was commended for her ghost net basket at the Gab Titui Cultural Centre Indigenous Art Award in 2011.

"Since then more people are recognising my work which makes me proud. Since working with Ngalmun Lagau Minaral I have learnt a lot of different styles and techniques including lino-cut prints and painting. I love making my art and it gives me the opportunity to do more and teach others too." Maria Ware


Maria Ware | 'Noni Fruit Leaf' | 2016 | 78 x 54 cm | Etching with chin colle | Edition of 10