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Solomon Booth

SOLOMON BOOTH | 'Monkey and Turtle (State II)' | Reduction linocut print

SOLOMON BOOTH | 'Monkey and Turtle (State II)' | Reduction linocut print

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"This artwork is based on the children's folklore song about the 'Monkey and the Turtle'. It is sung in traditional Torres Strait Creole to teach children the importance of not stealing.

The Monkey and Turtle went for a walk one day. They came across a banana tree. They were both feeling hungry. Monkey said to the Turtle, "I will climb the tree and get some bananas for us to eat".

The Money and Turtle were finishing eating the bananas when the owner of the banana tree caught them in the act. He then shot the Monkey and Turtle for stealing his fruit." - Solomon Booth


Solomon grew up in Darwin and returned to his mother’s country On Mua Island when he was 15. He has lived in Kubin ever since. Inspired by the beautiful surroundings of his island home, Solomon’s works draw on both Torres Strait and Melanesian influences. The ideas and themes in his work are influenced by his ancestors; their myths, legends and belief systems.

"This is why I feel inspired to be a part of recording my people’s cultural heritage visually. I am proud to showcase this knowledge to the world." - Solomon Booth  

Solomon has a Certificate in Visual Arts and Cert IV in Training and Assessment. He is a founding member and Chair of Ngalmun Lagau Minaral, a board member of the Indigenous Art Centre Alliance and a peer assessor for the Australia Council for the Arts.

SOLOMON BOOTH | 'Monkey and Turtle (State II)' | 2016 | Reduction linocut print | Edition of 10 | 76 (h x 56 (w) cm 

Catalogue number: 80-15-2/10



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