Mersane Loban 'Ya Wadthan'

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Mersane Loban, Ya Wadthan, etching, 2012, edition of 20.

Artist: Mersane Loban 

Language: Kara Lagaw Ya

Origin: Badu Island 

Lives in Kubin Village on Moa Island, Torres Strait.


Artist Statement:

 Ipika is our language word for women. Since returning to Mua Island in 2011, I have reflected much on the role of women in the Torre Strait and how we have shaped our past, provide strength for the challenges facing us in the present and are the foundation for our future. I felt so strongly about this that I decided to create a series of 6 prints depicting the role of women: Ipika Suite

Certificate of Authenticity provided.

Courtesy of Ngalmun Lagau Mineral Moa Art Centre.