Amy Loogatha 'My Country' 2018

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Amy Loogootha, My Country, 2018, synthetic polymer on canvas, 90 x 120 cm, 


Artist: Amy Loogatha

Born: 1942

Language: Kayardild

Country/origin: Dulkawalne - Bentinck Island

Mornington Island, Gulf of Carpentaria.


Artist statement: "My Country is behind Ninyilki, this is where I was born on a saltpan under the ti-trees. You can see Sweers Island from here. My father, King Alfred, was dragging grass across the sea with his other wives, to catch fish. He didn't know I was coming. It was my aunty who ran to let my father know. My grandmother delivered me, she was the one that cut my chord with a special shell. They thought I would be a boy because I was so big in my mother's tummy. My father put me in a coolaman and carried me all the way to Oak Tree Point, a better place to camp. It was a long way to walk all that way carrying me."




Courtesy of Mirndiyan Gununu Aboriginal Corporation, Mornington Island Art Centre. This artwork is sold with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Code: MOIS47-18

Copyright Amy Loogatha.


This artwork is being sold as an Agency Sale through the Resale Royalty Scheme. An initiative of the Australian Government (2010) through the Copyright Agency, that entitles artists to 5% of the sale price of their artworks if resold commercially through the secondary market in the future.