Arthur Roughsey Thuwathu MOISAR811213

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Arthur Alex Roughsey, Thuwathu, 2016, synthetic polymer paint on linen, 101 x76cm.

Art Centre Code - 8112-13 . MOISAR811213

Artist: Arthur Roughsey

Born: 1967

Origin: Langungangi - Sydney Island

Language: Lardil

"This fellow, Thuwathu, he is the Rainbow Serpent. Thuwathu is his language name in our Lardil language. He died when his sister Bulthuku (Shore Bird), light him up with fire when he wouldn't share his hump with her and her baby Jindirrbu (Willy-wagtail). Her baby died because of the cold rain when Thuwathu wouldn't give them shelter. 

Now you see him up in the sky as the many different colours of the rainbow."