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MUMA'NAI | 'Eye's On' | Earrings | Screen-printed / embroidered cotton | assorted styles

MUMA'NAI | 'Eye's On' | Earrings | Screen-printed / embroidered cotton | assorted styles

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"Anyone that knows me, knows I absolutely love BIG earrings! Just not a fan of the weight that comes with it a lot of the time… So, I created a line of earrings, mixing and matching off cuts of leather, screen printed material and hessian, acrylic and coffee on canvas, merged with embroidery to create light weight wearable art! These are all handmade, using a very sustainable arts practice with at least 80% of resources up-cycled.

Enjoy your sustainable bling…

Have a beautiful day, Much love Mum’a Nai"

Mum’a Nai is an emerging artist born in Cairns, with a love for textile art.

Her work focuses on having an earth friendly sustainable practice, repurposing used, damaged and discarded items, exploring the notion of beauty and function.

Her style is a cross over between traditional and contemporary craft and conceptual art. Influenced by her parents and grandparents who were all creative in a variety of ways and instilled a deep-seated value around repurposing.

“Working with material makes my heart sooooo happy”.

- Mum’a Na

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