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Peter B Morrison

PETER B MORRISON | 'Bait Ball' | Pen + ink drawing

PETER B MORRISON | 'Bait Ball' | Pen + ink drawing

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Peter Bertie Morrison was born on Thursday Island and grew up in Cairns. After he finished school, like many Torres Strait Islanders at the time, he moved to Western Australia to work on the railways. This work saw him travelling Australia for work for many years, before he returned to his family’s place, Wug Village, Saint Paul’s Community on Moa Island in the Western Island cluster.

“This is where I learnt our traditional customs, on the Island. My mother is from Darnley Island and her tribal group is Zagareb, which is on Murray Island. My Father is from Mabuiag Island, he worked as a Skipper and Pearl Diver on the lugger boats around many Islands.

Family is important to me. I am very passionate about learning and teaching and I hope my images will inspire and help others to appreciate the beauty and signi cance of our natural environment.”

Morrison commenced studying art at TAFE in 2010 and has completed a Certificate and a Diploma in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts. He works across drawing, etching and fabric design.

He has completed technical and business training through NorthSite Contemporary Arts as well as a residency, and continues to draw the places, stories and animals of the Torres Strait each day.

PETER B MORRISON | 'Bait Ball' | 2024 | Pen + ink drawing | 28 (h) x 30 (w) cm 

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