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DAVID JONES | 'Old Horse Glory' | A la poupee / intaglio pulled etching | Fine Art Print

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Title: Old Horse Glory 

Year: 2015

Medium: A la poupee, intaglio pulled etching on Hahnemuhle rag 300gsm paper in Charbonell ink.

Paper Size: MP2 is 76cm x 100cm, CTP is 80cm x 100cm

Image size: 50cm x 70cm

Photograph: David Jones

Price: $ 990


Using visual art David Jones explores Australian culture and society from a perspective that incorporates his Dalungbarra and Anglo-European heritages. David's Dalungbarra heritage informs his art process and work, is the resolve that drives his visual practice.

His art, though at first aesthetically seductive becomes more disturbing as it is read, until the viewer is left with uncomfortable questions regarding the 'peaceful settlement’of‘Australia’. David askes the viewer to reflect upon their own understandings and assumptions regarding the ongoing struggle for survival and autonomy that Indigenous peoples face each, and every day.

Printmaking has been central to David's career in the arts, it has provided opportunity to print for many artists. This interaction, and sometimes collaboration with so many gifted people has been rewarding and educational. David currently operates Corvine Art, in Brisbane.