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KAY WILLIAMS | 'Garril I (Leaf)' | Monotype

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Kay Lee Williams is a Kamilaroi woman who was born in Narrabri, raised in Sydney and moved around Australia to various towns and cities throughout her life. She currently resides in the Hinterland on the Far North Coast of NSW. She has been interested in art since her early memories and first began painting traditionally in a small town outside of Cairns in 1984. In 1994 Kay attended Lismore’s Southern Cross University to gain a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts).  

Kay enjoys all forms of creating, including drawing, sculpture, ceramics, dyeing and weaving textiles, painting and printmaking. Her work is about identity and place – identification with the significant sites where she has lived. The elements that she is working with at present are water and earth – water because of the properties of cleansing, rebirth, sustainability and the feeling of being immersed – and earth because of the plants she collects, walking around, touching and being grounded in place (any place).

KAY WILLIAMS | 'Garril I (Leaf)' | Monotype |44 x 55 cm