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LAURA CASTELL | ' Loving Nature' | Multiple and Reduction woodcut

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"I am an artist in the making, enjoying the process very much and becoming more serious about art every day. My main training was as a biologist. I discovered art in 2005 while taking a drawing course at TAFE and in 2014 decided to quit my job and become a full time artist. I live in North Queensland, Australia  

I work in a variety of media with lots of printmaking, drawing, and other media. The human figure and its social environment is a recurrent topic in my work, but I am also very attracted to the beauty of nature, so a combination of these two themes gives me a nice balance. Within printmaking I mainly work with relief methods (woodcut and linocut) but I am quickly expanding to include other media." Laura Castell

LAURA CASTELL | 'Loving Nature' | Multiple and Reduction woodcut | 2020 | 60.5 x 44 cm