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MOLLIE BOSWORTH | 'Native Pepper Vine' | Cyanotype (triptych)

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Mollie Bosworth is a visual artist working in fine porcelain and cyanotype processes, with a studio based in Kuranda. She has exhibited widely during her 30 years of arts practice. Her work in both mediums reflects a strong materials and process-driven approach. Her artwork often explores complex layered surfaces that reflect her rainforest environment. Her recent cyanotype work uses gathered botanical specimens from around her studio as well as further afield and utilises the collected material as a starting point of image making with the sun as an important element in the process. Mollie holds a Diploma of Art (Ceramics) 2003, from the Australian National University and has artworks in several public gallery collections.

MOLLIE BOSWORTH | 'Native Pepper Vine' | Cyanotype | 2021 | 84 cm x 38 cm (triptych)