PAULA SAVAGE | 'Bila Bones III' I Monoprint

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"All day fishing catching bila ready to be fried and served to family. All you can see left is just the bone.

My name is Paula Savage, I'm from Kubin Community Moa Island in the near western cluster of islands in the Torres Strait. I was born here on Moa Island and am a resident in the community. I come from the Serganilgal clan group from the village of Dabu on Moa Island, and the Kaurareg Nation of Muralag and Kiriri.  Art was my interest from such a young age and during high school I studied visual arts and commercial arts. After leaving school I pursued other job careers, in early 2017 I became a member of Ngalmun Lagau Minaral Art Centre (Moa Arts) in Kubin Community to take up my passion for visual arts again."

Paula Savage

Details: PAULA SAVAGE | 'Bila Bones III' | Monoprint | 56 (h) x 76 (w) cm