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RHONDA STEVENS | 'Little Wonders' | Multiplate Collagraph

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Rhonda Stevens is a visual artist living on Magnetic Island in North Queensland. As part of her ongoing artistic journey, she explores various mediums and processes including photography, sculpture and printmaking, using them as a vehicle to present her ideas and concepts. 

She is investigating the common humanity that underlies cultural differences and seeking notions that touch the essence of people and how we respond to each other. Taking inspiration from the organic forms of nature's sacred spaces, she is seeking to create a moment, a pause, a space for the viewer to reflect and to feel the reverberations elicited by the wonders that surround us. RHONDA STEVENS | 'Numachi' unique art book | Large

RHONDA STEVENS | 'Little Wonders', 2019, Multiplate Collagraph, 26 x 20cm

Image credit:  James McArthur