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Jillian Holroyd

JILLIAN HOLROYD | 'Pormpuraaw Dogs' | Ghost net sculpture

JILLIAN HOLROYD | 'Pormpuraaw Dogs' | Ghost net sculpture

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Jillian Holroyd is part of a large Holroyd family group. Their traditional country is inland up the Holroyd river. They are freshwater people Wik Iiyanh and Kugu language speakers. Jillian has been developing her art at the centre working in painting and printmaking for two years. Her work can be very entertaining and is enjoyed by many. She has exhibited at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair and the Darwin Art Fair.

"I like to tell stories through my art".

JILLIAN HOLROYD | 'Pormpuraaw Dogs' | Ghost net sculpture 

Dimensions:  50cm (h) x 85cm (w) x 25cm (d) cm 

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