KATHERINE NGALLAMETTA | 'Waii (Jellyfish) Totem' | Ghost net sculpture

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I was born and went to school in Aurukun. My mother is from Kendal River, south of Aurukun and my father is from Hersey Creek north of Pormpuraaw. He worked as a carpenter and built houses. He also worked for Comalco in Weipa.

"I worked in Aurukun as a Health Worker and later had a cleaning job at Aurukun Shire Council before becoming an artist at the Art Centre. My mother Mavis Ngallametta is a very high-profile artist from that Art Centre. 

I came to Pormpuraaw in 2005, and worked at the Art Centre, and then at HACC. Now I am back at the Art Centre. I mostly like painting things from my daily life - the country around Pormpuraaw and what I see when I go fishing and hunting. 

My totem is the kookaburra and jabiru."

KATHERINE NGALLAMETTA | 'Waii (Jellyfish) Totem' | Ghost net sculpture

Dimensions:  60 cm (h) x  20cm (w) x  20cm(d)