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Rosey Cummings 'Beach Rope Weaving' (Large/ Seagull)

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Rosey's creative interests are photography, life drawing, landscape drawing/collage, and sculpture. Her lifelong skills and interests merged with her professional life as an industrial and graphic designer working in Australia and the UK. she predominantly uses drawing and collage to explore depictions of the human form and natural world. Her works exploring mangroves, rainforest, and the coastline increasingly incorporate the threat of discarded man-made materials. Her work is drawn from the traditions of weaving, fiber art, and sculpture.

'I collect local materials from my immediate environment and plant fibers which have died naturally and frequently incorporate found objects into my work. What the work looks like changes according to the environment I’m in, what I find, and the local environmental issues.  I frequently use washed-up beach rope to explore and investigate the impact of current coastal and marine environmental issues.'

Beach rope is collected at Oaks Beach and then coiled and stitched with found sea shell and coral.