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SHAWNEE MADE & FOUND | Handwoven Zipper Pouch

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SHAWNEE MADE & FOUND | Handwoven Zipper Pouch | Fully lined and all one of a kind design. 

Shawnee Made & Found is an artisan brand offering handwoven tapestries and items featuring handwoven textiles in original designs, fibre and polymer based handmade earrings, as well as a Found Collections of second-hand/vintage ceramics and other vessels*. Shawnee Dean is the multi-disciplinary artist, based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, behind Shawnee Made & Found. Having completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art, Shawnee's practice has evolved from being a painting major at university to now predominantly working in fibre arts. The The different mediums inform one another in methodical practice of loom weaving and fibre wrapping. Shawnee Made & Found are strongly aligned with natural and recycled materials, colours and tones reminiscent of the landscape, and quality items made entirely by one set of hands. Find Shawnee on her Instagrams @ shawneemade and her website www.shawnee-made.squarespace.com * Found Collection offered only at artisan markets and pop-up events