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'The Heart of Everything' Book

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The Heart of Everything

The Art and Artists of Mornington and Bentinck Islands

Published: 20th March 2008
ISBN: 9780980449402
Number Of Pages: 100

From totem designs used for body paint-up to sweeps of brilliant colour on canvas, the art of Mornington and Bentinck Islands has a long and rich history. This major new book – featuring the work of artists from Mornington Island Arts & Craft centre – explores, for the first time, the history and visual culture of the region and its wide ranging contemporary art movement.

Founded by brothers Dick and Lindsay Roughsey in the 1960s, todays’ artists of Mornington Island, off the far north Queensland coast, are creating fresh and exciting imagery. Alongside this, led by Sally Gabori, has developed a whole new school of joyous paintings by the Kaiadilt artists of nearby Bentinck Islands.

Lavishly illustrated throughout the book features a stunning four page fold-out of a large collaborative painting and informative essays by Dr Paul Memmott and Dr Nicholas Evans and art writer Louise Martin-Chew, and with biographies of the leading exhibiting artists, The Heart of Everything is an in-depth exploration of the vibrant contemporary art of this fascinating region of Australia’s far north.