Fiona Fouhy' '51. 23 '17 _N 1.26 '15.1

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Thinking of  Place ll '51. 23 '17 _N 1.26 '15.1', Etching, Artist Fiona Fouhy.

InkMasters Exhibition and Print Exchange. Presented in partnership with InkMasters, Cairns.

This photopolymer etching is printed with chalk taken from this cliff which sits between Botany Bay and Kingsgate Bay in North East Kent, UK (51°23’17.2_N 1°26’15.1). The print is made up of the place that it depicts. The chalk has been crushed and made into white ink for printing onto black paper. The gentle tone of the chalky ink implies the soft glow of moonlight lighting up the cliffs at night. Smugglers arriving by boat in the eighteenth century would have seen the cliffs in the moonlight as they brought goods up from the beach. Holes and tunnels were cut into this cliff by gangs of smugglers for storage and hiding. Throughout history, coastlines are traditionally points of arrival and departure. The white cliffs (of Dover) are still remembered and thought of as emblems of ‘home’ since they were the first or last sight of Britain for those traveling the main route by boat to or from the continent before air travel was invented. Today, smuggling continues to take place, with boats arriving carrying cargoes of migrants and drugs onto the shores of the UK.