Rowena Quill 'Encompass Me'

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Thinking of Place ll 'Encompass Me' Screenprint, Artist Rowena Quill'. InkMasters Exhibition and Print Exchange. Presented in partnership with InkMasters, Cairns. Rowena Quill is a fulltime printmaker and member of the Limerick Printmakers studio. She graduated with an honours degree in Fine Art Printmaking from the Limerick School of Art and Design Ireland in 2013. Quill specializes in silkscreen and mono-print as a process to depict her botanical imagery in limited editions. Nature is the central inspiration for her work. Her work is based on florals, foliage, birds and insects. She uses multiple layers of vibrant and rich colours to surprise her audience and help them reimagine her world through this prompt. She incorporates intricate patterns to contain the imagery and she has developed a unique language. This is of a subtle extroversion in the plant-based images, which unfurl and blossom, and are combined with an introverted suggestion in the pattern, which capture and guard the exquisite beauty of nature.