Kelly (Tilly)Perry 'Freedom of Springs'

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Kelly (Tilly)Perry, 'Freedom of Springs' screenprint,

Thinking of Place II. International Exhibition and Print Exchange. Presented in partnership with InkMasters, Cairns.

"During my life there have been many journeys, ups and downs, but the flight of the eagle, birds and scenery on my gypsy drives makes all that disappear. I had created a piece called “Land of Opportunity”, connecting me to our hardships of immigration to Canada in the ’50s. However, as I was uncertain how it would affect the viewer, a friend suggested I do “Freedom of Spring”. I had never realized such a switch could create such a positive effect on how I was feeling. There is an old saying my family heard so many years ago: "There is an opportunity if we work hard enough to achieve it." I would now say, “The Sky is the Limit”. In my work as an artist, I can now recollect and identify the threads of connection between those formative years and my past experiences of grief. This has given me a greater understanding for how I work and why I work. It is extremely heartening and gratifying for me to find such a large part of myself from those earlier years not only forming the foundation of my work and practice but also providing a way to continue to work through the processes of recovery. Family, Life and Art have become incredible healers."