Norman McBeath 'Is to remember to have known and not forgotten?

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Thinking of Place ll 'Is to remember to have known and not forgotten?' Photogravure, Artist Norman McBeath. InkMaster Exhibition and Print Exchange. Presented in partnership with InkMasters, Cairns. Night changes everything, carrying shadows to different places, highlighting what has been unseen in the brightness of the day. The once familiar city shifts mood. Well-known routes become obscure, freighted with different possibilities. The stakes are higher. It is like stepping into a theatre of the mind. The remembered place becomes something other. It is no longer known where the turn of the steps will lead. The certainties of the day dissolve. The Old Town in Edinburgh is a place of many levels: tall narrow buildings, hidden closes, sudden soaring flights of steps. It is a place where imagination and memory collide and new stories are made.