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Marnie Blair 'Memoria'

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Marnie Blair 'Memoria' etching. Thinking of Place II. International Exhibition and Print Exchange. Presented in partnership with InkMasters, Cairns.

Kamloops Printmakers.

"Blair primarily works in print media with a focus upon embodiment, medicine, technology, and architecture. Her work is an exploration of the intersections between fragility and resilience; the biological and the artificial; private and public; decay and resuscitation; and the body and architecture. She is interested in how one’s sense of embodiment and identity become profoundly affected by illness, diagnosis, and recovery. Her prints and installations interrogate what it means to be dependent upon a mechanical device for survival, to inhabit a cyborg-like existence as part human/part machine. These questions are not only personally relevant but can also be applied to the current transformation of human existence due to our increasing reliance upon many different types of technologies."