Lizzy Payne 'Motherhood'

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Thinking of Place ll  'Motherhood' Woodcut, Artist Lizzy Payne. InkMasters Exhibition and Print Exchange. Presented in partnership with InkMasters, Cairns. his woodcut is part of a body of work that examines the transient nature of life.explores concepts around identity and belonging. The use of weighted line and the chosen division of positive and negative spacing are an important part of my woodcuts, enabling the viewer to engage with the work. Both drawing and print are the predominant media in my practice, notably woodcuts, and I often explore scale from very large ceiling to floor works of woodcut or charcoal to small detailed drawings and paintings. During 2011 I completed an honours year at Christchurch University, Ilam school of fine Arts, majoring in printmaking and I am currently undertaking my master's study.