Paul Furneaux 'Pink Hotel Hawaii'

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Paul Furneaux. 'Pink Hotel Hawaii', Japanese Woodcut- Mokuhanga

International Collaborative Printmaking Exhibition and Print Exchange. Thinking of Place II. Presented in partnership with InkMasters, Cairns.


"I trained in drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of art in the late eighties, working mainly with figuration, a big change in the work occurred when I went to Tama Art University, Tokyo in 1996 and completed a Masters in Japanese woodcut printing in 2000. Japanese woodcut printing : Mokuhanga has remained my main focus ever since. I have taken up several international art residencies and continue to exhibit Nationally and Internationally. While in Japan my work became more abstracted especially as I became more interested in the inherent beauty of this medium. Mokuhanga is unique in that it is printed with watercolour and the contrasts of the subtle soft colours one can achieve with this juxtaposition with the rich depth of colour by printing the same block several times, pushing the pigment deeper into the paper by hand with a hand printing implement called a “Baren” Japan has remained an influence in my works but “Rain” which is alluded to in this print is a recurring theme. Rain, being part of the landscape and both life giving and potentially destructive. The Print was hand printed onto Japanese paper and then mounted onto the heavier paper through a lithographic press.

I went to the third International Mokuhanga symposium in Hawaii. The second half was on the big island and I booked a single room in the “ Pink “ hotel. It had a great pink creaky wooden veranda with a distant view of the sea, where I would sit and drink cold bottles of local beer, escaping the occasional downpours , pondering Japanese woodcut.