Darlene Kalya 'Remembering'

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Thinking of Place ll 'Remembering' Intaglio, Artist Darlene Kalya' Inkmasters Exhibition and Print Exchange. Presented in partnership with InkMasters, Cairns printmaking practice, which includes intaglio, photogravure, screen-printing and artists’ books, is shaped around themes of agrarian culture - especially of Canada’s prairie provinces - and draws upon such particular imagery as rural identity, family farms, aerial farm photos, as we as tools used for cultivation and harvest. An exploration of a sense of place has been a primary aspect of my artwork since the mid-1990’s - a nostalgic place between landscape-based or other rural imagery of the past and realities of the present. The several bodies of artwork to date that look at those themes provide a point of departure for thinking about this new work, Remembering.