Sandra Thompson 'Shrinking Place'

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Thinking of Place ll 'Shrinking Place', Screenprint, Artist  Sandra Thompson.

InkMasterS Exhibition and Print Exchange. Presented in partnership with InkMasters, Cairns.

Orangutans live on the Islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Both species are endangered, habitat destruction being the biggest threat to their survival. Logging, palm oil plantations, fire and mining are the major causes of de-forestation. They are rain forest dwellers requiring extensive areas of wilderness to survive. They are the least sociable of the great apes with a more solitary social system. The shrinking habitats can only support a smaller number of animals and those habitats that remain tend to be isolated blocks which restrict the orang-utans range. Orangutans driven from their home ranges are forced to live together in smaller less familiar and more crowded
areas. The resultant stress leads to reduced breeding success, fewer babies being born and more youngsters dying.