Kyla Cresswell 'Standing still'

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Thinking of Place ll 'Standing still', Embossed woodcut, Artist Kyla Cresswell.  Inkmasters Exhibition and Print Exchange. Presented in partnership with InkMasters, Cairns background-repeat: initial; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; like the tactile nature of embossing. I like the way they render drawings into form. From the paper emerges an uninhabited landscape, where traces of nature’s self-determination are quietly present and everything is in balance. We see the impression of a place, islands of forest, remnants. In keeping with recurring themes in my work, ‘Standing Still’ explores the physical impact of the elements on the environment and the vulnerability of ecosystems. In this suspended vista I strive to find a sense of stillness and a quiet celebration of nature