Elizabeth Sigalet 'Where We Come From'

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Thinking of Place ll 'Where  We Come From' Screenprint,  Artist Elizabeth Sigalet. InkMasters Exhibition and Print Exchange. Presented in partnership with InkMasters, Cairns Roman', serif; background-image: initial; background-position: initial; background-size: initial; background-Where do you come from? It is a question we ask to try to understand another person. It is an easy question to ask, and the answer may not really give insight to understanding and acceptance. I was born in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada; I grew up on a ranch near Barriere, British Columbia; I studied engineering in Vancouver, British Columbia; and worked as a Professional Engineer in Ottawa, Ontario but mostly in Kamloops. What has shaped my sense of where I am from and how I explain myself? Whenever I travel, I am drawn to landscapes; urban or rural. I like to think that this is because of a childhood spent in natural spaces. As an adult I learned that those spaces were classified as the Interior Douglas Fir Biogeoclimatic Zone. This print shows part of a landscape similar to that which I would have seen as a child. Yet I know that I can only really imagine parts of it; with colours I project on it myself. I know there are more gaps in my identity (where I am coming from) than just the paper not covered with ink