Jeannie Holroyd 'Minh Lo'orren' (Turtle Meal)

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Thinking of  Place ll 'Minh Lo'orren' (Turtle Meal) Etching, Artist  Jeannie Holroyd.

InkMasters Exhibition and Print Exchange. Presented in partnership with InkMasters, Cairns. 

Born in 1952, language Kugu lives in Pormpuraaw, Queensland.

Jeannie has been practicing printmaking for 4 years but has had a much longer artistic career in basketry, painting, and traditional crafts. She says of her new etchings, all about sea creatures: I am concerned about the turtles and how they are disappearing. We used to eat the eggs and the men would catch turtle to eat. Feral pigs are eating the eggs and so they are slowly disappearing. They also eat plastic bags, which get tied into their guts and so, keeps them afloat, and can dive no more. This makes them starve and they die. Rangers are helping to get rid of the pigs and soon, the government is starting [a campaign] to outlaw plastic bags