Vanessa Cannon 'Bind Leaf' Small Plate

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Vanessa Cannon  'Bind Leaf'  Small Plate  Ceramic.

Bindi Leaf #5.

Yalanji Arts  Centre, Mossman. 

3.1cm h x 18.2 Diameter

Vanessa Cannon lives in Mossman, Far North Queensland, Australia.

 Language Group: KuKu Yalanji 

 Vanessa Cannon has a very special connection with Mossman growing up in the area of Far North Queensland. Her artworks represent the Yalanji culture which is deeply connected with nature, particularly the surrounding rainforest and ocean environments. Vanessa works in prints and ceramics from the Yalanji Art Centre in Mossman.

 There are multiple types of foliage in the rainforest, leaves vary in shape, size and colour and change throughout the season. Some leaves are used for different kinds of purposes, like catching and gathering food, for medicine to heal the body and some for building shelters.



Catalogue 89-19