Wanda Gibson 'Guuliil'

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Wanda Gibson 'Guuliil', 2020, 60cm x 80cm, acrylic on plywood

"Jellyfish are the basic food of the turtle. I've painted poisonous ones such as the Blue- Bottle and friendly ones. We see lots of Jellyfish in November and December. The hot times and after the first rains. The mature Jellyfish spawn their young ones in the creeks and rivers. The baby Jellyfish are then swept out into the ocean once the big rains come.

We don't swim in the ocean once the Northerly winds come. Jellyfish stings are extremely painful. If we get stung we mix ash and saltwater and apply to the skin. If we don't have ashes we rub hot sand into the skin. Jellyfish stings can kill you, especially children. We always listened to our parents when they said to not go into the ocean.

The Guugu Yimithirr word for Jellyfish is Guuliil."

Hopevale Art Centre 

Catalogue Number: 229/19