Wanda Gibson 'Mating Green Turtles'

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Wanda Gibson 'Mating Green Turtles', 2020, 60cm x 80cm, acrylic on plywood (framed)

"My painting shows two turtles mating. This is called jugungiua time.

After mating with the male, the female heads to the sand dunes. It's the same place she was born and she will return to this place every year to lay her eggs.

She has to make her way into the sand dune where she digs a really big hole and then lays her eggs. She then coves them with sand so they will stay incubated.

Nowadays people wait for the turtles and hunt them. We sometimes eat their eggs. They are very rich.

I prefer for the turtles to be left alone so that they can lay their eggs.

My husband was worried about the overhunting of turtles. He set up a Ranger program to protect the turtles. He wanted there to be enough turtles for future generations. It's really important."

Hopevale Art Centre 

Catalogue Number: 219/19