Wesley Ampeybegan Winchanam 'Body Design 1'

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Wesley Ampeybegan Winchanam, 'Body Design', 70.6 x 50.8 cm, acrylic and ochre on Belgian linen.

Catalogue Number: 95-20

Wik & Kugu Art Centre, Aurukun.

Wesley Ampeybegan is from the Winchanam Clan and uses Winchanam body design in his paintings using ochre and acrylic. Wesley is the nephew of Winchanam Elder Arthur Koo-ekka Pambegan Jr; recognised cultural leader, artist and dancer. Arthur also taught Wesley to carve sacred totemic objects. The designs aren't regarded as paintings by the artist but traditional cultural objects. Wesley paints in the privacy of his home and the artwork is not revealed on community unless exhibited.