YASUKO ALCAINO | 'Words In Bloom' | Linocut + batik print on fabrics

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"The theme of this Installation is communication. Because of the events that have been taking place globally over the past two years, I feel more aware of the importance of communication. From our experience of lockdown and isolation, we have also learned that exchanging verbal communication is significant in terms of mental health. One particular event happened a few weeks ago that made me realise communication established through the efforts of both parties. Exchanged greetings to each other such as < Hello, How are you? How's it going? Are you alright? > every day isn't just greetings. Doing this can create interest and consideration for the other person. They can become understanding each other. I am an introvert and have social anxiety issue. I avoided active communication with people, using my condition as an excuse for a long time. Now I learned that if I need to move on to the next stage, I need to crack my shell and open up to see the outside world. Egg-shaped animals represent the shell you put around yourself as a protection. They are offering the opportunity to break the shells and start to communicate." - Yasuko Alcaino

YASUKO ALCAINO | 'Words In Bloom', 2022, linocut and batik print on fabrics, H 140cm x W 100cm