YASUKO ALCAINO | 'Happy Wiggle' | Sculpture | Mixed media

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"Five dogs are posing with different gestures. It expresses the importance of accepting ourself, being open-minded and living with a free mindset. One of the dogs looks curiously at it's reflection in a puddle. He doesn't realize it is him. They don't care one bit what they look like, where they come from, which dog school they attended, how many followers they have on social media, how many bones they have hidden in their yard as assets or what their purpose in life is. They are what they are. They are just living their life with a free spirit mind. How about us? We spend a great amount of time trying to be someone else and wondering why next doors grass is always greener..." - Yasuko Alcaino 

YASUKO ALCAINO | 'Happy Wiggle', 2022, sculpture, mixed media, H 40cm x W 45.5cm x D23.5cm