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Alex Baird Murphy

ALEX BAIRD MURPHY | 'Vision' | Painting

ALEX BAIRD MURPHY | 'Vision' | Painting

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Artist: Alexander Baird Murphy

Born: 1998

Language/s: Kuku Yalanji


"The works in Magical Compass are not only songs of my dreaming and ways of expressing myself, but parts of who I am and what I have experienced on my journey so far. The magic compass of what art leads us to is a mystery which I find fascinating.


"I grew up mostly in Sydney, but during holidays I would make my way back to my mother's country, Wujal Wujal to visit family whenever I could. My grandfather Mario Williams helped to set up Bana Yirriji Art Centre. I wanted to express my art and this is the right place for me. I am also interested in all mediums of art including music, performance, design, painting, drawing, carving and installation. I'm always happy to have a go at trying new things."  - Alex Baird Murphy

ALEX BAIRD MURPHY | 'Vision' | Painting | Umber ash/acrylic tints | 2023 | 50 (h) x 40 (w) cm

"In the distance, unsure of what’s to come. A vision of calm, and peace of mind, how we get there is the journey. This we find all in time. They are a part of the magic compass." 

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