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ALEX DAWIA | 'Kuna Siuwai Pokong' | A book of Medicinal plants from Siwai in Papua New Guinea

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Alex Dawia,  'Kuna Siuwai Pokong'  A book of Medicinal plants  from Siwai in Papua New Guinea.

First Published in 2018


'Ho mi ho kui ngung pekongTokunnoi riku, hoko kukareiho kui pokokg takuniai

rihetong. Uwa ko, Hai nekong hongowa 'a nahamong, ho kui pokong mi,

ho pokong itakai yi haha a roro ngo tawah Ho Korokoro rori hungyu, hoko 

musimang nekong toku topo inakaraei'.


In translation:

'When you loose the traditional  name, you lose the knowledge of the plant because the traditional name describes the functionality of the plant you lose the knowledge of the plant. Therefore, when we loose our Language, we are bound to loose our biodeversity because we can no longer find the value in each plant'. Quote by Dr Jeffery Noro