HEATHER KOOWOOTHA | 'Yuk Yaumen - Digging Stick Installation' | Timber / feathers / acrylic paints / ochres

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"Yuk Yauman is the Language name for the digging stick story. Before time, there was a couple who swam across the big river at Knox. The women had a digging stick that she decided to throw into the water. As soon as the stick hit the water a big sand bank formed. The same sand bank is there today. This story is part of my Clan group who are the Apelech people. The markings on the sticks are Apelech Clan designs. My Dad was from the Apelech Clan. He used to dance during the old ceremonies that happened around Aurukun. He was an important cultural leader for the community at that time." 


Heather Koowootha is a multi-disciplinary artist working in the mediums of printmaking, sculpture, painting, drawing, ceramics, and weaving. Born in Cairns, Heather spent parts of her childhood in Aurukun and the “top end” village, learning from her old people. Her father and grandmother were Wik Mungkan, and her Yidinji/Kuganji mother was a Traditional Owner from Yarrabah and Gordenvale. Heather’s works continue to be inspired by their histories and teachings.


HEATHER KOOWOOTHA | 'Yuk Yaumen - Digging Stick Installation' | Sculpture | Timber / feathers / acrylic paints / ochres | 1.5 x 5 x 5 cm each (6 pieces)


In this video Heather speaks about the work for this exhibition: Yuk Wuy Min Ngantamp.