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Joseph Au

JOSEPH AU | 'Dhangal' | Linocut print

JOSEPH AU | 'Dhangal' | Linocut print

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Joseph Au, Dhangal, 2016, linocut print on paper, 112 x 200.5cm (image size), edition of 12


"Dhangal means dugong. The dugong is another totem of my family on my mothers’ side. Inside the dugong I represent members of my family. The three coconut palms represent my father and his two brothers. Coconuts play an important role in marking land boundaries on the island. The five hibiscus flowers represent my mother and her four sisters. My mother was an avid gardener and always came back with hibiscus cuttings from around the island. The belly of the dugong has the rough winds of Sageraw Thonar blowing the waves and tides. The three bars represent my three children."


Dhangal ngoelmun awgadh ngaw apuaw doegamka. Muynu dhangal nu ngaw mineral palayzinga ngaw buway yaadu palgayk. Il urabal thonar tidayzinga ngaw il thathil. Urabaw aykuyk koey za muynu goegaythnu boeradhar ika dhadh pilimika. Kukuwamal ngaw palayzinga ngaw kab geth apual. Ngaw ama a nanu tukuypal. Ngaw apu koey kukuwamaw ridhaw garpathamaylnga. Dhangalaw maythanu ngath palanu gub kadaka mayzinga ina kedha wowraw thonarnu. Itha kedha il geth mineral, ngaw il geth kazil.


Kala Lagaw Ya translation by Alick Tipoti


Please note: due to the size of this work, editions are printed on demand. Edition limited to 12 prints. Please allow time for printing, signing by the artist and dispatch to your destination.  



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