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Matilda Nona Malujewll

MATILDA MALUJEWEL NONA | 'Sawur' | Linocut print

MATILDA MALUJEWEL NONA | 'Sawur' | Linocut print

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Matilda Malujewel Nona, Sawur, 2016, linocut print on paper, 200.2 x 121.2cm (image size), edition of 12 

Sawur is a wild yam found on the side of sand dunes on Badu Island. During the Sageraw Thonar (Southeasterly Season) vines are clearly seen climbing on trees. The yam is hairy and makes good eating. It is not until the Naigai Season it is harvested. By then the leaves have all died, which leaves the vine climbing on the tree. You can identify the vines by touch, as they should be smooth on one side and rough and prickly on the other.


Kala Lagaw Ya translation: Alick Tipoti

Sawur miyakal apaw ay yawoeyka pira boeradharal milagnu laganu. Wowraw thonarnu, sawuraw bay koey kakal yawoeyayk puyab kadaka amoeymik. Sawuraw ay, moegi magadhal ay kasa kedha mina kapu apaw ay. Sethab aydal mina nayagayiw thonarnu puydhamik. Naygay thonarnu sawuraw nisal noerdhimin. Nidh ngulayg gasaman kedha, nidh sawuraw bay gethan gasman, bay kedha, adha doegamuya patalnga a muyiw doegamuya pataginga. 


Please note: due to the size of this work, editions are printed on demand. Edition limited to 12 prints. Please allow time for printing, signing by the artist and dispatch to your destination. 


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