BLAK FLAIR PROJECT | 'Turtles & Fish Coming To The Shallows To Feed' | Notebook / Lillian Fourmile

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Blank 80 page notebook printed on recycled paperstock with soy based inks.

ARTIST: Lillian Fourmile is a woman of Birri-gubba and Yidinji descent who grew up in Far North Queensland amongst the sugar cane. Her father was a cane cutter and the family moved around a lot. She is the third eldest of nine children. Lillian started painting about 28 years ago, firstly on bark and more recently on a variety of surfaces and projects including etching at Djumbunji Press KickArts Fine Art Printmaking Studio.

ARTWORK DETAILS: Turtles and fish coming to the shallows to feed, etching printed in three colours, edition of 30, 2009, 167 x 122 mm. Published by Djumbunji Press KickArts Fine Art Printmaking.

Blak Flair is a KickArts creative merchandise project that has been generously supported by the Christensen Fund. The project aims to develop a collection of merchandise that portrays the work of Indigenous artists from Far North Queensland to promote their work and cultural importance to the broader community.

Dimensions: 210 x 150mm