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BLAK FLAIR PROJECT | 'Fish, Rainforest Shield Design' | Notebook / Napoleon Oui

BLAK FLAIR PROJECT | 'Fish, Rainforest Shield Design' | Notebook / Napoleon Oui

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Blank 80 page notebook printed on recycled paperstock with soy based inks.

ARTIST: Napolean Phillip Oui is from Djabugay country and is a performer and emerging artist. He has worked for over 19 years as a cultural performer, presenter and educator.

ARTWORK DETAILS: Fish, rainforest shield design, acrylic on canvas, 2008, 1150 x 900 mm.

ARTWORK STORY: My country is Djabugay and it is my strong connection to the traditional culture that inspires my paintings. The traditional rainforest shields incorporate bold designs which are truly unique, found only in the rainforest region of Far North Queensland and unlike any other Aboriginal art. I have chosen fish as a theme for this painting as they were an important part of life in traditional ways. This contemporary interpretation draws on the traditional style my people used on the large shields from the rainforest. The boss in the centre connects the painting to its roots.

Blak Flair is a KickArts creative merchandise project that has been generously supported by the Christensen Fund. The project aims to develop a collection of merchandise that portrays the work of Indigenous artists from Far North Queensland to promote their work and cultural importance to the broader community.

Dimensions: 210 x 150mm

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