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Laurie Nona

LAURIE NONA | 'Dungalaw Adhy Kissai' | Linocut Print

LAURIE NONA | 'Dungalaw Adhy Kissai' | Linocut Print

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Born: 1974

Language: Kala Lagaw Ya

Clan: THABU (Snake)

Place of birth: Thursday Island 


“This is my image as an expression of our people’s belief in the spiritual connection we have between human nature, nature’s creatures and the seasons associated with the kissai- moon phases in the Torres Strait Islands.

The kissai and its different phases affect our everyday life as it brings changes to our region's tides and the way it connects reading into weather patterns, different season brings different attitudes and different behaviour from our totems, telling a message that nature is bringing change to our region.

Our totemic and spiritual connection to our Adhy- totem the Dungalaw is at a level where we are in the same frequency as Mother Nature, and the creatures we share this space with- the kissai in all its phases- is the clock that ticks; pinpointing changes in everyday life.” Laurie Nona


Details: Laurie Nona, 'Dungalaw Adhy Kissai (Dugong Totem - Moon Phases)', 2015, linocut, 76 x 56 cm, Edition of 35

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