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BLAK FLAIR PROJECT | 'Sea Eagle' | Gift Card / John Williams

BLAK FLAIR PROJECT | 'Sea Eagle' | Gift Card / John Williams

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Blank 140 x 140 mm gift card made from non-recycled card stock printed with soy-based ink with 100% recycled paper envelope.

Woonun John Williams, born 1958, is a Lardil man from Birri country in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland. He paints at Mornington Island Art. He says, “We keep our body painting, it’s handed down from our fathers, it’s good to keep it going. I like painting, I’m a culture man. All this came from the old people way back in the dreaming.”

Artwork details: Sea eagle, 2009, synthetic polymer paint on linen, 1010 x 760 mm.

Artwork story: This is the body paint up design for Birri Sea Eagle totem.

Blak Flair is a KickArts creative merchandise project that has been generously supported by the Christensen Fund. The project aims to develop a collection of merchandise that portrays the work of Indigenous artists from Far North Queensland, to promote their work and cultural importance to the broader community. 

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