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Blue Muse

BLUE MUSE | ‘Silver Fern’ | Gift Card

BLUE MUSE | ‘Silver Fern’ | Gift Card

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Blue Muse Photography is inspired by a passion for photography, the beauty of nature, and a love of tropical living. Fragments, details, textures, and patterns of lush flora gathered from glorious gardens in and around Cairns are used to create each unique hand-made print. 

Cyanotype is an 18th-century camera-less analog photography method discovered by noted British scientist Sir John Hershel (1792-1871) in 1842, grounded in processes of science and photography history that have withstood the test of time. 

BLUE MUSE | ‘Silver Fern’ | Gift Card

Details: 14.8 (h) x 10.5 (l) CM

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